Fleece Manager and Yarn Designer for Hubbert Farms

Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to Spinning and Knitting!!!

 I have been busy spinning Lacey's amazing third shear fleece into fingering weight yarn for my friend so she can knit herself a lace shawl.
 This is the shawl my friend knit me with Lacey's first shear that I spun. It has incredible luster and I love wrapping myself in my special sheepie girl :-)

 A fine medium silver Alpaca fleece that has been in my stash for a few years. I handcarded it with Bombyx silk for a laceweight yarn.
 Two of my new lace magazines. Orenburg shawls and scarves along with the Estonian lace seem to be my favourite patterns these days. I have some gorgeous type B/C Pygora clouds on their way to me. This fiber is the closest I think to the Orenburg goat down used in the Orenburg shawls.
 My son bought me this skein of hand dyed Cashmere/Silk (from Seracin Silks) for Mother's Day....just needs blocking. The pattern is Stork Nest...an Estonian pattern from Nancy Bush.
 Surprise...another Nancy Bush pattern....Norwegian Wedding Gloves in Regia Silk (love this yarn).
 Selbuvotter in Alice Starmore yarn. Fabulous stuff!

 Recent pics of me....I love weight training (taught both classes and individual before) and am so happy to be back into it. Great for the body, mind and spirit :-)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sheep Pics

 One of Bailey's ewe lambs, Riley and she is for sale. Riley looks very Gotland like even tho she is only 25% Gotland.

 30%Gotland ewe lamb Freya's fleece above. I will be spinning this next March. Freya has incredible crimp and fineness from her Finn sire. She is the first lamb that has been born grey. Most of the lambs are born black and turn grey within a few months.
 Above is Brandy's ewe lamb Chelsea. Chelsea has no white on her..she is solid black! Not even a hint of grey.
 Smokey ram lamb is a cutie.
Above are pure Finn Andrew and Alistair. The ram lambs were separated from their mom's today.
 Bekka is obnoxiously in your face friendly and sweet.She and her mom and sis are for sale.
 The ewe lambs and their mothers are almost equal in size even tho the lambs are just 3 months old.
 Our only badgerface ewe lamb Skye, above.
Gorgeous fleeces on every single one of them and the addition of our new Finn rams has added more crimps per inch and fineness to the lambs wool.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last of the Lambie Pics

 Cloudy 56%Gotland/Finn had twin ewe lambs.
 Bekka is black and sweet little Pearl is white/grey.

 62% Gotland/Finn Gracie (above and below) was the last to lamb.
 Gracie gave us a badgerface ram lamb and badgerface ewe lamb.
 Badger ram lamb is in the pic below. Nineteen lambs this year. What a great way to end lambing 2013!!!
Me and my sweet little Gotland ewe Bailey :-)

Friday, April 5, 2013

More Lambs

 My beautiful Finn ewe Lacey had 4 lambs today. Two ewe lambs and two ram lambs. They all  carry the brown gene. She had 4 lambs last year.Bottom pic shows her licking the last (and biggest) lamb out.
 Above is yearling Maddie with her ewe lamb and ram lamb.
 Yearling Pepper who is 62% Gotland, had her 30% Gotland/Finn grey ewe lamb this morning.
 Bailey 50% Gotland, had her two Finn/25%Gotland ewe lambs last Tuesday. They carry for brown as well.
Three more ewes left to lamb!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Lambs of 2013 at Hubbert Farms!!

 Brandy gave us 2 ewe lambs and 1 gorgeous badgerface ram lamb on Tuesday evening. Their sire is Casper.
 The panda face ewe lamb has white spots. I am pretty sure both she and her sister will turn various shades of grey in time.
 A great start to lambing this year....we are so happy with these lambs :-) Only 7 more ewes to go!
 This is 62%Gotland ewe Gracie's first fleece. If you look closely in the pic below you can see the remaining black bits from Gracie's black birth coat. These somewhat hairy bits combed out easily.
Gracie's finished yarn is a silky 3 ply spun straight from the flicked locks. Pure spinning pleasure :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sheep Shearing at Hubbert Farms

 My beautiful Finn ewe Lacey....how many lambs this year...3, 4, 5, 6? She had 4 last year.

 Yearling 56%Gotland ewe Cloudy. Maybe twins? She still has about 3 weeks to go.

 Brandy (above) is 50% Gotland and it looks like she has 4 lambs this year.

 Finn ram Casper (above and below). You can really see those badger markings after he is shorn.
His fleece will be on my spinning wheel in no time flat!
 Moorit Finn ram Jasper. Another fleece for me hehe!!

 Above we have Gracie's first shear....Gracie is 62% Gotland and I can't wait to spin this!
 Casper's fleece above on the skirting table.
 Where does the LGD Maca begin and the discarded fleece end?? We put some wool in her doghouse for later :-)
 The 'girls' all sheared and feeling frisky!
 Mini the Llama doesn't recognise the ewes without their wooly fleeces.
Sweet Bailey kickin up her heels!!