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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last of the Lambie Pics

 Cloudy 56%Gotland/Finn had twin ewe lambs.
 Bekka is black and sweet little Pearl is white/grey.

 62% Gotland/Finn Gracie (above and below) was the last to lamb.
 Gracie gave us a badgerface ram lamb and badgerface ewe lamb.
 Badger ram lamb is in the pic below. Nineteen lambs this year. What a great way to end lambing 2013!!!
Me and my sweet little Gotland ewe Bailey :-)


Susan said...

They're so sweet!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

They are all so cute! And I so love their little coats!

sheepsclothing said...

they all look so happy and cozy in their little jackets. so sweet! :)

qiviut-queen said...

Hello, you are our yarn winner from the June giveaway on the qiviut blog. Pls contact me so i can mail you your yarns.....congratulations !