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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sheep Pics

 One of Bailey's ewe lambs, Riley and she is for sale. Riley looks very Gotland like even tho she is only 25% Gotland.

 30%Gotland ewe lamb Freya's fleece above. I will be spinning this next March. Freya has incredible crimp and fineness from her Finn sire. She is the first lamb that has been born grey. Most of the lambs are born black and turn grey within a few months.
 Above is Brandy's ewe lamb Chelsea. Chelsea has no white on her..she is solid black! Not even a hint of grey.
 Smokey ram lamb is a cutie.
Above are pure Finn Andrew and Alistair. The ram lambs were separated from their mom's today.
 Bekka is obnoxiously in your face friendly and sweet.She and her mom and sis are for sale.
 The ewe lambs and their mothers are almost equal in size even tho the lambs are just 3 months old.
 Our only badgerface ewe lamb Skye, above.
Gorgeous fleeces on every single one of them and the addition of our new Finn rams has added more crimps per inch and fineness to the lambs wool.


Samantha Tara said...

They are all so cute and what beautiful fleeces they have! It's good to see that my baby Pippin is just as big (if not bigger!!) than the rest of the lambs. I guess I fed him right (-; You are so blessed to have so many lovely babies to love (:

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Wow, you've got a gorgeous bunch of sheep there Jody!

justknitting1 said...

Gorgeous sheep! I wish I could buy them all!

Lars said...

Very nice pictures. What a privilege to own sheep (especially with fleeces like that). I wish you a nice summer.